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Winter Foot care tips

Winter foot care tips


I get asked a lot “what winter foot care tips will get you through the winter season?” As we head closer to Christmas and the temperature starts to drop, our thoughts turn to woolly hats and warm mittens and mugs of mulled wine or hot chocolate.

It’s important also to think about our feet as some of the very common problems occur during the winter.

Here we have 4 top foot care tips to keep your feet healthy throughout the winter.

  1. Keep your feet warm by wearing natural fibre socks such as wool or moisture wicking blends.

If your feet do get sweaty it’s important that they don’t stay constantly damp as cold temperatures cannot only lead to hypothermia and frostbite but it may also lead to bacterial skin infections or fungal infections such as athletes foot or fungal toenails. Ensure that your footwear are totally enclosed and waterproof to stop the snow and the rain getting in.

  1. Remove all nail polish from your toenails during the winter –

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so that you can nourish and revitalise those toenails. Many people continue to wear nail polish and let it grow out through the winter. Please don’t! Remove all nail polish and file and shape your nails to keep them healthy. During the winter months you will benefit from using a good quality cuticle nail oil to keep your nails and surrounding skin hydrated and healthy. I particularly love this cuticle oil from The Organic Foot Company


  1. To prevent chilblains and frostbite use Akilhiver cream.

Akilhever Cream Worcester Podiatry

This is our product of the month which is full of natural ingredients that keeps your skin nice and warm to prevent the signs of chilblains and frostbite. This natural cream should be applied twice a day to hands and feet (ears and nose) to prevent vascular changes to the skin. This is an amazing cream for anyone who, if you are like me, suffers with Raynaulds disease – I have been using it for 2 years now during the winter and wouldn’t be without it.




  1. Keep the skin on your feet hydrated.

Feet moisturiser podiatrist WorcesterApply a nutrient enriched foot cream to your feet daily or if you use ‘Foot mender’ (SO Podiatry’s best selling foot cream, make sure to keep the to weekly application). Unfortunately central heating can wreak havoc on your skin drying it out and causing the skin to become dehydrated. If the skin dehydrates it can split allowing pathogens to enter the bloodstream thus reducing out preventative barrier. If you really struggle through the winter with dry skin you may find it useful to have a warm wax for treatment (we offer this in clinic please ask at reception) this can really help give an intensive moisture and warming therapeutic effect.


I hope you’ve found benefit in these hints and tips to keep your feet healthy through the Winter.

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