Walking Tennis

We are delighted to have met Neil Bates from Worcester recently who engages with people of all abilities for walking tennis coaching.

His story of how he changes people’s lives and mobility really touched my heart.

Here are a few words from him about what he says and does with coaching walking tennis:

Sport offers many great benefits,

both physical and mental, but many out there feel that what is available in the mainstream is ma ybe past them.

This can be for many reasons including age, mobility, health, injury recovery or disability and whilst many people are already aware of other walking sports, these are mainly team-based requiring a good number of participants to take part.

Walking tennis is a low-intensity version of the main sport.

The game is slowed down by using a lower compression ball, two bounces, underarm serves and no running or jumping.

Other than that the rules of the game are the same as the mainstream sport and it is played on a full-size regular tennis court.

Although nearly always played in a doubles format, another twist is to have three people per side, which can make the game even more fun and sociable, involving more people in a game.

The sport only started in Worcestershire just over two years ago but there are already several venues around the County with walking tennis groups and around 140 regular players taking part each week.

Walking Tennis is a great sport for anyone to play and ideal for:

  • Those with less mobility or speed on court
  • Individuals with long term health conditions
  • Recovering injured players
  • Complete beginners

Most groups are organised, very welcoming of new players and run on a pay-as-you-go basis. Sessions are available all year round.

If you would like to know more, please contact Neil Bates, Open Court Lead for the LTA at neilbates1963@sky.com

You can also find some info on www.lidoparktennis.co.uk