Verrucae Needling

Verrucae can appear on the foot at any age and they can be very painful depending on where they are located.

Verrucae are sometimes confused with plantar corns. They can be present and last a few months to a few years, some can be present a lifetime. They are made from the HPV virus and can be stubborn. Many people report that they pick up verrucae from swimming pools and public areas where they are barefoot. Usually they self resolve within 2 years but many last much much longer.

Warts or verrucae are resistant virus’ that live in outer layers of the skin and can cause pain and discomfort. Unfortunately many traditional methods of verrucae treatment fail to resolve the lesion. You may have tried everything over the counter but still they have not disappeared. Common topical treatments over the counter include: acids, freezing solutions and paint systems. Some people even try old wives tales to help shift these stubborn skin lesions.

The needling treatment  is deemed to stimulate the body’s immune response creating a local inflammatory reaction so the body can ‘reject’ the virus. It is a painless procedure carried out under local anaesthetic, the wart is ‘needled’ to stimulate the immune response. During the procedure minor bleeding will occur and a dressing is applied. In the proceeding day or two a scab will form.  Resolution of the verrucae normally occurs from 8-12 weeks after the procedure. It is a highly successful minor surgical procedure and is still not widely available.

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