verruca Worcester Hereford podiatrist podiatry This week was a great week. I heard back from a lovely chap who I treated with Swift microwave therapy for a very resistant verruca on his heel. Having used over the counter preparations and had Verruca needling treatment it still persisted. This picture is taken after the second treatment and I held off the third treatment as I thought with more time it would fully resolve. The gentleman has just let me ow that there is no sign of any verruca at all and he is so delighted. This news has made me do a jolly dance, normally verrucae need 3 sessions of microwave and then some time to see how they resolve and this case has really exceeded my expectations. Warts/verruca can be painful and often embarrassing and terribly resistant and being able to offer a really successful treatment for them is amazing. I have to say not every case reacts like this one and for some it can take more than 3 sessions. For years treatments for verrucae had very low success rates but with Swift Microwave treatment now available this has really changed the game.For more information  Corn and verruca often get mixed up and people are not sure what the lesion on their foot is. When you have a verruca it will often have little black dots and the skin looks lumpy and if you pinch it- they will hurt a lot. Verrucae/ warts are a virus infection of the skin (Human Papilloma Virus HPV) that live happily in the top layers of your skin without your body’s system knowing about it. Read more about verrucae here