What actually is sports therapy?

Sports therapy involves assessing, preventing and treating injuries related to sport and physical activity.

Sports Therapists use various techniques such as manual therapy, exercise prescription and rehabilitation strategies to help athletes recover from injuries and prevent future issues which can optimise performance.

How can sports massage help me?

Sports massage can help by enhancing flexibility, reducing muscle tensions and promoting faster recovery after physical activity. Sports massage may also improve circulation and prevent injuries by identifying and addressing tight or imbalanced muscles.

Sports massage differs from regular massage as it is specifically tailored to athletes and those engaged in physical activity.

As sports therapists, our goal is not only relaxation but also to enhance athletic performance, prevent injuries and help aid recovery from intense physical exertion.

Why is sports therapy different at SO Podiatry?

Here at SO Podiatry, we work as a multi-disciplinary team to provide the best possible care and outcome to all our patients.

We are able to use our brand-new reformer studio as part of the pre-habilitation and rehabilitation services we offer. We also have access to both laser therapy and shockwave therapy which are both great tools that can be incorporated in patients’ treatment plans.

What are the benefits of sports therapy and reformer Pilates?

Combining sports therapy and reformer Pilates can yield comprehensive benefits.

Sports therapy addresses specific musculoskeletal issues, enhances flexibility and aids injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Reformer Pilates on the other hand focuses on overall body strength and core stability and flexibility.

Together, they provide an approach which promotes balanced muscle development, improves posture and enhances athletic performance. This combination is particularly effective for individuals seeking a holistic approach to fitness addressing both therapeutic and preventive aspects to support overall physical well-being.

Let us tell you about John (alias)…

John has been suffering with lower back pain for 4 months. It has affected both his job and what he loves to do outside work which includes being a regular gym goer and playing football for his local football team.

On evaluation of his assessment, it’s identified that John suffers with tight hamstrings.  Tight hamstrings create a pulling effect on the pelvis which changes the position of his pelvis and thus impacts the lower back muscles.

This overall affects his posture and is the main cause of his lower back pain.

We followed a treatment plan suited to John’s needs that included soft tissue massage and mobilisations; and followed rehabilitation exercises to help strengthen and reduce stiffness both in his lower back and hamstrings.

On reassessment, John informed us that he gets little to no pain at work and has been able to go to the gym and play football with no problems.

He has now been advised to come in for monthly massages to keep on top of those tight hamstrings.

Does this story resonate with you?

Perhaps you would benefit from a sports therapy assessment and treatment.

Read more about Sports Therapy at SO Podiatry here.

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to get in touch – we’re here to help.