Treating verrucas can be a pain as they are stubborn little things (sometimes they are quite big and widespread) that affect the most superficial layer of the skin. verrucae can go completely unrecognised by your immune system so it may mean you have them for years. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and here at SO Podiatry we have new technology that can help rid you of your verrucas for good.

SO Podiatry offers two treatment options: these are the most successful and we get the best results.

Swift microwave therapy

Swift microwave therapy is a relatively new technology that works by sending microwaves into the cell of the verruca using a probe on the skin in 2 second bursts for a total of 5 times. This treatment is great as its quick and leaves no wound to look after, meaning no dressings to change. You can carry on life as normal straight after treatment and you can relax and let your immune system do the rest.
Swift therapy offers a clean and quick way of eliminating those stubborn little things for good. Within 5 months after the treatment 80% of patients come back to us with the verrucas completely resolved. Pretty good stuff.

Verruca needling

Verruca needling has been used for many years with great success. Initially, we administer a local aesthetic so you wont feel a thing with this treatment. Once numb, we use sterile needles to puncture the main site where the verrucas are biggest. We puncture this area hundreds of times to push the virus back into the blood stream where your immune system can pick it up and kick into action. The area looks similar to a raspberry when we have finished and a dressing is then put in place. You will be advised on how to look after the wound when the treatment is complete. One week after the procedure get you booked back in to check the wound.

Time will be on your side with this procedure (4-5 months) as this is how long it can take for the immune system to kick in and get rid of the virus.

Both treatments can take roughly 5 months for complete resolution but when it comes to treating verrucas there is no quick fix. The treatments we offer at SO Podiatry are safe and effective in a controlled, sterile environment therefore giving you the best results. If you would like more information or if you have a verruca that you would like us to get rid of for you please contact us at the clinic and we will be happy to get you booked in to start your verruca treatment journey.