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Running Foot Tips

This is a big week for many who will be running their first 10k or first half marathon in the Worcester Run race this Sunday 16th September.  If you are thinking of taking part you need to apply asap as entries are closing in the next couple of days. The route is beautiful and takes you through the historical city and along the river finishing under the railway bridge. I see many runners for various injuries and/or advice due to training or biomechanical issues. There is lots of advice for novice runners or people trying to achieve a new personal best here is some of my most used advice.

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Foot Tips


Don't wear new trainers for the race. Always wear footwear that you  have trialled and tested the last thing you want is the shoe rubbing causing blisters or the lace coming loose. Blisters are a deal breaker in terms of non finishers- I have seen some pretty horrendous wounds post race because of poor fitted or new trainers.


Depending on your preferences there are huge selections of running socks to choose from. They range from: elastic support, reinforced toe and heel, long, short, double layered, cushioned, compression. What ever you choose make sure you have used them before and are happy with them, don't go changing what you do for the race- keep it safe and the same.


Excessive sweat (Hyperhidrosis) can be an issue for some people and at times be embarrassing I recommend using Sweat Stop to reduce the moisture levels. This is an excellent product for sensitive skin and can be used underarms, feet, between thighs to reduce chaffing. This is a great product and the Sweat Help company also sell clothing to help too.


Keep them short and file down any that are thick a few days before the race. Runners don't have pretty feet. The most common toenails that bother you will be the big ones and the nails on the second toes. During your run your feet will swell and your feet will elongate in the shoe. If your shoe is a neat fit your toes will bang on the end of the shoe. Runners can end up with bruised and thickened toenails that drop off. If this happens you don't be tempted to pull them off let nature takes it course it will settle. If they remain painful book yourself in to see a podiatrist.

Shoe Fit

Ensure your shoe is well fastened to prevent your foot sliding forward. The knitted uppers in many shoes are lightweight but also mobile- leading to foot movement inside the shoe. Correctly sized trainers should allow 1 finger width between the end of the shoe and the end of your longest toe (bearing in mind the second toe might be the longest).

Race Day

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the lockers and toilet before going to the start line- huge numbers of people all arriving at the same time can delay your plan.   I will be at Worcester run 2018 with colleagues from PodFo at one of the stands doing foot pressure measurements and a Meet the podiatrist session. Please come along and say hi and feel free to ask any questions on the day.   Most importantly, Run Your Own Race- you have put the training in and you know you can do it- believe in yourself and stick to your own plan. Enjoy the atmosphere and smile its going to be a great day! Good luck