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General Podiatry Treatment

General Podiatry treatment for skin and nail issues at SO Podiatry

Poor foot health can have a huge impact on your life.

From impeding your performance at work to preventing you taking your children to school or walking the dog. Painful feet also mean you are less likely to engage in physical activity which can result in other health issues such as heart disease and diabetes, reduced endurance and loss of muscle mass.

At our Worcester based podiatry practice we offer podiatry treatment to diagnose and treat a variety of foot disorders and deformities as well as providing general foot advice to help you live your best life.

We treat people of all ages as well as all problems associated with a wide range of medical conditions.

Perhaps you have athlete’s foot, a painful lesion, corns or callus on your feet, or maybe you have thickened nails that you cannot manage yourself. The good news is that general podiatry (chiropody) care from SO Podiatry can provide you with much needed relief and allow you to stand, walk or run pain free.

Common foot problems we treat include ingrowing toenails, fungal infections, warts/verruca, hard corns and callus etc. All are managed in our Worcester City centre clinic during your appointment.

We pride ourselves on our warm and friendly approach.

General podiatry practice / chiropody treatment is usually a painless treatment and we pride ourselves on our warm and friendly approach, helping you to feel relaxed throughout your podiatry appointment. Our in-depth foot care and footwear advice will enable you to spring into stride.

Podiatry Treatment FAQ’s

What foot issues do you treat?2023-12-14T14:30:07+00:00

SO Podiatry can treat all general foot complaints such as athlete’s foot, corns and callus, dry cracked skin, fungal infections, ingrowing toenails, sweaty feet, psoriasis, and verrucas.

Should I cut a ‘V’ in my big toenail?2023-12-14T14:29:11+00:00

It’s not useful to cut a V in the middle of the toenail, this won’t reduce the chances of your toenail becoming ingrown. It’s important to cut your toenail straight across and perhaps use a file to smooth any rough edges and corners. Always avoid digging down the sides or cutting them down the sides as this can cause ingrowing toenails.

Always try to use a toenail clipper as opposed to a fingernail clipper. This way you should be able to achieve a nice straight edge all the way to the end.

How do I treat hard skin and corns?2023-12-14T14:31:49+00:00

Hard skin, otherwise known as callus and corns, are caused by increased pressure friction and rotational stresses to the skin. This can because due to the way that your feet move and function as well as how footwear can affect your feet. Making sure that you have good fitting footwear that is supportive and fit for purpose can make a big difference to how hard skin and corns form.

It is useful to use a good quality foot cream which contains Urea, as this will reduce the amount of hard skin and callus that builds up. It is important to try to have a good foot hygiene routine to prevent these problems getting worse.

At SO Podiatry we will be able to help get you started on this journey and give you the best advice and treatment to help improve your foot health.

I’m worried about my bunions, are they going to get worse?2023-12-14T14:33:15+00:00

Bunions are quite common and are often genetic, you’re more likely to develop a bunion if someone in your family’s first or second generation has them already. It is often difficult to say whether bunions get worse depending on the stage that they are at, at SO Podiatry we can help you establish what you can do to reduce your chances of developing one.

Wearing the correct shoe for your foot along with regular foot exercises, night splints, the support of insoles and strapping techniques can often help you on your way.

Do I need to see a podiatrist or chiropodist?2023-12-14T14:37:21+00:00

There really is no real difference between the two, ‘Podiatrist’ is the most common and modern term. Chiropodists and podiatrists have the same qualifications and experience, and both can help you with minor or more severe lower limb issues such as heel pain, knee pain, numb toes, shin pain, achilles issues or perhaps a long standing ingrowing toenail, or bunions.

It is always important to check that your podiatrist/chiropodist is HCPC (Health Care Professional Council) registered.

J-S-M-Photography mc
J-S-M-Photography mc
Steph was very provisional and delt with my problem, she boots and t training shoes sorted out with an outstanding result. I definitely will be going back .
I chose this practice due to the reviews and I honestly couldn’t have made a better decision. I would have no hesitation recommending SO Podiatry to anyone! I had a number of verrucas for over 5 years or so and had tried many ways to treat them over the years. After just 3 swift treatments at SO Podiatry, they’re gone completely. I wish I had of known about this treatment sooner, because now I wouldn’t chose any other treatment or practice. Fantastic service and friendly, professional staff. Thank you Stephanie!
Fiona Blake
Fiona Blake
Thank you so much Steph for sorting out my runners feet and toenails! Such a knowledgeable and friendly service. I can now continue marathon training with confidence that my feet are running happy again! Will come back.
Rebecca Clarke
Rebecca Clarke
I had an appointment at so podiatry. Thinking there was nothing they could do. I had a diagnosis very quickly and spot on advice to help with the pain. The service was extremely friendly and understanding. When I need help in the future. I will be going back to so podiatry. Thanks 😊
Zoe Neville
Zoe Neville
This place is amazing! Elizabeth was fab, I was quite nervous it was going to be painful… I had an ingrown toenail. Elizabeth was careful and treated the area slowly… NO PAIN whatsoever. The whole clinic was a dream with everyone being super friendly and uplifting personalities. My feet and toes feel so much better thank you.
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson
so knowledgeable and friendly ! i went genuinely worried that i would not be able to run for ages and was immediately put at ease. The exercises I was given worked straight away. I can’t thank Steph and Jade enough for their work and to now be able to run and walk pain free is a great feeling. Thank you
Sheila Kirwan
Sheila Kirwan
Steph is a professional colleague and has a wealth of useful podiatric knowledge. Her expertise and clinical experience will help you obtain the best treatment plan for your foot problem and you will be eternally grateful for having met her. I recommend her services to all in the Worcester area.
Nicoleta Virginia Petre
Nicoleta Virginia Petre
In October I came to So Podiatry, Dr Elizabeth Carrington,I have just one appointment for ingrown toe nails,I was in pain I struggled to walk. I leave the building pain free. I have review in 2 weeks no infection,no pain, been amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH To So Podiatry I found a lovely team ,ready to help you and very friendly. I highly recommend them .
Margaret Morrison
Margaret Morrison
I had exceptional attention at SO Podiatry using laser treatment following my assessment. Sadly the laser didn't resolve the problem but appropriate shoe wear and some massage did.Great care given

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I have seen Steph over the last nine months with a variety of foot ailments and found her to be very professional and approachable. However, most importantly, she has managed to cure my various problems – ingrowing toe nail, verrucae, biomechanics and corn under nail! I have no hesitation in recommending her.


My 13yr old son first saw Stephanie for a biomechanics appointment. He had frequent calf strains/pulls, and had been injured for 8 weeks. As well as prescribing some insoles, Stephanie recommended specific strengthening exercises. He is now back to playing football 4 times a week, stronger than ever!

Mrs N Parkin

Six months ago I visited So Podiatry and Steph was absolutely amazing in assessing my stance, posture, walking and running gait and then arranging for my custom orthotic insoles to be made by a leading UK supplier. She was informative, knowledgeable and communicative throughout, and I felt that the service was excellent value for money. The orthotics are amazingly comfortable and it took no time at all to get used to wearing them. I recently ran my first marathon, Steph’s advice, treatment and the custom made orthotics made all the difference.

Neil Dixon, Worcester

I can certainly rate Stephanie. My painful verrucae have totally gone, It is such a relief to be able to be on my feet without any pain after all these years.

A A, Worcester

I found the service I got from Stephanie of SO Podiatry was excellent. She was very professional, knowledgeable and seemed to genuinely care about getting a good outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and using her again.

S Gray, Worcester

After two treatments by Stephanie it was gone! No sign of the verruca on my heel at all. Everybody asks does it hurt. Yes, it does for a very short time. Pay affects people in different ways, for me it was so worthwhile that if I had another verrucae, I would be straight in to see Stephanie. The Swift microwave therapy causes a very short burst of pain, which makes one jump, but is over in seconds. It is no worse than needling. As the treatment progresses the discomfort level decreases to the point where at the end, I could hardly feel it. It really is no big deal ad I would recommend SO Podiatry and the Swift microwave treatment to anyone.


My 11-year-old daughter had multiple warts on her hands and multiple verruca on her feet. She was embarrassed and had low confidence due to these embarrassing skin lesions. We had tried helping her with over-the-counter remedies and nothing made a difference. We had read about swift microwave therapy and its success rate, so we booked an appointment to speak with Steph at SO Podiatry to see if this treatment would be successful. Swift microwave therapy was the treatment of choice and after two sessions the Veruca and warts have totally gone. Our daughter is now back to her cheerleading and rock climbing activities which she loves, and we’re pleased to say she is now a much happier and more confident girl.

J. King, Worcester

I’ve been coming to Steph for over a year now for toenail reconstruction and I can’t thank her enough for giving me my confidence back. My toenails have been damaged for years and I’ve always hidden my feet and felt self conscious about them but she’s made it possible for me to have them on show again and I’m so happy.

Miss C Parker

I used to suffer with incredible knee pain, it was a stabbing sensation that would stop me taking another step. It could be very painful, even at night so I took painkillers every morning and evening for it. Not any more. I just want to say thank you so much as can honestly say I haven’t had any pain in my knee since having MLS Laser treatment at SO Podiatry. I have since stopped taking all painkillers and I am using both legs as evenly as each other, it really is just amazing. At one point I thought I would need a knee replacement and now I’ve even thought about booking a cycling holiday.

Vanessa, Worcester

Knowing how Stephanie had helped a friend to be able to continue her professional dancing career, I knew I was seeing the right person for my injury. My expectations were more than satisfied in just three weeks and I have been able to walk pain-free after two sessions, the third visit just a check up. The healing and comfort level in my foot continues. Initially fearing I might be virtually house-bound and hobbling to get anywhere, I am able to forget any injury and lead my usual busy life with great joy … and I mean it!! I think everyone should see you Steph!

Mrs A Suganami

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