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At SO Podiatry our aim is to look after all your foot health needs.  We diagnose and treat all foot disorders and deformities as well as providing general foot treatment and advice.  We treat all problems on feet of all ages as well as all problems associated with a wide range of medical conditions.  Perhaps you have a painful lesion or hard skin on your foot or maybe you have thickened nails that you cannot manage, general podiatry (chiropody) care will help give pain relief and allow you to walk pain free. General practice/chiropody treatment is usually a painless treatment and our team are warm and friendly and will hope to make you relaxed throughout.  Our in-depth foot care and footwear advice will enable you to spring into stride.

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Nail surgery

Some toenails are very problematic and won’t resolve themselves. Trauma to the nail can cause it to dig in or thicken or poor cutting technique as led to an ingrowing toenail. Some systemic health conditions or age can lead to problematic toenails that are painful or grow in.  The long term solution and treatment to this is nail surgery. This successful minor surgical procedure will remove part (partial) or all of the nail (total) that causes in-growing toenails or thickened nails that cause pain and possible infection. This procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic (injection in toe). This procedure benefits anyone who has recurrent infections, severely curved toenails, or wide nail plates that cause ongoing pain in the sulci surrounding the nail itself. Your toe will be numb for 2-3 hours after the procedure so it is advised that you do not drive until after the feeling has returned. The nail bed is treated with phenol to create a controlled chemical burn- this kills the cells that make the nail grow; to prevent regrowth of the offending nail part.  A protective and comfortable dressing will be applied until you return for a check up appointment.

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Verrucae Treatment

Warts or verrucae are resistant virus’ that live in outer layers of the skin and can cause pain and discomfort. Some may be painless but are distressful for the patient. Unfortunately many traditional methods of verrucae treatment fail to resolve the lesion.

Swift Verrucae Treatment is a microwave treatment that is quick and relatively painless. Rapid non invasive treatment is an application of microwaves in 2 second bursts to create a thermogenic stimulus to the tissues. The completion of up to 3 treatments gains 84% resolution (based on recent national figures). There is no injections, no dressings and no after effects so you can go about your daily activities straight afterwards. Each treatment is carried out 4 weeks apart.

Verrucae needling is a treatment deemed to stimulate the body’s immune response creating a local inflammatory reaction so the body can ‘reject’ the virus.  Verrucae needling is a painless procedure carried out under local anaesthetic, the wart is ‘needled’ to stimulate the immune response. Minor bleeding will occur and a dressing will be applied.   A scab will form and you will attend 3 days after the procedure for a check-up. Resolution occurs from 8-12 weeks after the procedure.

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Prosthetic nail (toenail reconstruction)

If you dislike or are unhappy with the appearance of your toenail(s), Wilde-pedique Silver Plus is an excellent aesthetic painless treatment that gives you back a natural looking nail. Wilde- Pedique silver plus is a one component, light cured toe nail treatment; it is constructed on the base of the nail (your nail is prepared by the podiatrist for the procedure). It is a high grade flexible plastic that is bonded onto your nail and shaped to give the natural look. Nail plate colour is matched to give a natural look. The reconstruction will last up to 6 weeks and if you wish may be painted with nail varnish or kept natural.

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Medical pedicure

Suitable for men and ladies, this is a complete overhaul of the feet in its entirety. Performed on the dry foot to ensure long lasting results the feet are transformed by surgical debridement of hard callus and dry skin; the nails are shaped, buffed and re-hydrated. The skin of the feet and legs are exfoliated, hydrated and massaged with luxurious cream. An optional hydrating warm wax foot mask is applied before your chosen colour of podiatric recommended (fungal resistant) nail polish is applied (for men a natural buffed finished is the most chosen option). This treatment is suitable for ladies and gents.

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