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Specialist foot care in Worcester

SO Podiatry offers specialist podiatry services and treatments from our professional and fully qualified clinician to help you move pain free.

We offer a wide range of specialist foot care treatments for heel, numb toes and achilles pain. We also provide podiatry services for musculoskeletal lower limb pain and injuries including hip, knee, shin, heel or whole foot pain. We can treat problems including ingrowing toenails, corn and bunions. We can help with plantar fasciitis, Mortons neuroma, Verrucae removal as well as diagnosis and treatment for fungal skin and nail infections

We understand that seeing a podiatrist for the first time can be worrying for some people, at SO Podiatry we can take it slowly and talk about the lower limb pain issues you are experiencing, any worries or queries you might have all without you having to take your shoes off. We understand how some people feel, but we are here to help and reassure you and take you through our podiatry services step by step.

What to bring to your first appointment

It is important on your initial appointment to bring along a few pairs of your normal shoes/footwear (including sports footwear/work footwear) so a full foot health examination and suitable advice can be given.

If you are taking any medication please bring a detailed list of the names so it can be noted. If you are allergic to anything please be sure to let your podiatrist know.

Our Worcester Podiatrist practice is OPEN and following COVID-19 Safe Guidelines.

Biomechanics is the application of the laws of physics to the human body.

It enables us to apply mechanical principles to the lower limb in both stance and motion. At So Podiatry’s Worcester podiatrist clinic we use computerised Rs Scan technology along with visual and video analysis to measure your dynamic movements and function. This allows us to run a thorough assessment of the structure, alignment and function of your lower limbs and foot. Many problems caused by biomechanical factors can affect the foot, knee, hip and lower back, leaving your gait affected.

Learn more about our biomechanics service and treatments as well as our FAQ's

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FungalToeInfectionTreatment - SO Podiatry - Worcester

Diagnosing and treating a fungal nail infection

Commonly known as Athlete's foot, a fungal nail infection if left untreated can have a detrimental impact to your life. Despite the common name, it is not limited to sporty people because it spreads via direct contact with the infection and through skin particles left on towels, shoes, or floors for example in shared homes or public spaces. SO Podiatry offer our patients a dermatophyte Five Minute Fungus Test to confirm the presence of fungal nail infections. From diagnosis we can then offer immediate treatment which includes a 360° Foot and Nail Recovery package to treat the whole environment and prevent reinfection.

Learn more about our Fungal Nail Infection diagnosis and treatment as well as read our FAQ's


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Nail Surget at SO Podiatry Worcester

When an ingrown toenail has gone past all conservative management and continues to be a problem nail surgery is the next step.

Nail surgery is a pain free treatment where the area around the toe is numbed so that the offending bit or bits of nail can be permanently removed via the use of local anaesthetic and phenol (killing the cells that make the offending nail grow back).

Ingrowing toenails are common and can be caused by poor toenail cutting, trauma- dropping something on it or someone standing on it or by tight fitting shoes. SO Podiatry can help you manage your toenails no matter what stage they are at.

Learn more about our nail surgery treatments and FAQ's

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Orthoses or orthotics shoe inserts create a biomechanical change in how we weight-bear and walk.

Orthotics are prescribed to create a change in load and pressure through your muscles and joints when you walk, run and stand. They range from simple prefabricated insoles to custom made bespoke orthotics. At our podiatry practice in Worcester we use the latest technology and are Certified Phits experts and Podfo partners.

Learn more about our Orthotics service and read our FAQ's

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At SO Podiatry our aim is to look after all your feet so they can look after you.

We diagnose and treat all foot disorders and deformities as well as providing general foot treatment and advice. We treat all problems on feet of all ages as well as all problems associated with a wide range of medical conditions.

Perhaps you have a painful lesion or hard skin on your foot or maybe you have thickened nails that you cannot manage, general podiatry (chiropody) care will help give pain relief and allow you to walk pain free.

Learn more about our general podiatry/chiropody service and treatments as well as read our FAQ's

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The most innovative and pain free treatment for your lower limb and foot pain.Shockwave therapy from SO Podiatry Worcester

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive solution to musculoskeletal pains. It is an alternative to Steroid Injections and Surgery using acoustic wave therapy to help you to accelerate your body's natural healing process.

If you are suffering from any pain or degenerated tissue e.g. tendons of the Knee, Achilles , plantar fasciitis, SO Podiatry can offer shockwave treatment to help you recover.

Learn more about our Shockwave therapy service and read our FAQ's

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Verrucae can appear on the foot at any age and they can be very painful depending on where they are located.

Sometimes confused with plantar corns, verrucae can be present and last a few months to a few years, some can even be present a lifetime. Unfortunately depending on the location verrucae can be very painful and many traditional methods of verrucae treatment fail to resolve the lesion.
At So Podiatry we offer the latest in pioneering verrucae removal. Swift Microwave therapy is a highly successful treatment for Verrucae and warts and this state of the art technology is our preferred treatment due to its precision and ease of treatment.

Learn more about our verrucae removal service or read our FAQ's

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