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Seeing a podiatrist for the first time can be a nerve wrecking experience for some, at SO Podiatry we can take it slowly and talk about the issues and discuss all your worries and queries even without you having to take your shoes off. So don’t worry we understand how some people feel.  It is important on your initial appointment to bring along a few pairs of your normal shoes/footwear (including sports footwear/work footwear) so a full foot health examination and suitable advice can be given. If you are taking any medication please bring along a list so it can be noted. If you are allergic to anything please be sure to let your podiatrist know.

Biomechanics is the application of the laws of physics to the human body.

It enables us to apply mechanical principles to the lower limb in both stance and motion. Podiatric biomechanics involves the assessment of the structure, alignment and function of the lower limb and foot. Many problems caused by biomechanical factors can affect the foot, knee, hip and lower back, leaving gait affected. Sports injuries are incurred by biomechanical faults or biomechanical inabilities.

Your foot is an amazing and complex structure; a lever system over which your whole body is propelled forwards. The foot is also a shock absorber, cushioning anatomical structures within the foot and lower limbs from huge forces placed through it at every step Foot function can alter due a variety of factors including: genetics, ageing, physical stresses, disease processes, injury and poorly fitting footwear and pain. One or more of these factors can produce altered timing and function of the joints and soft tissues within the foot and lower limb resulting in impaired biomechanical function.

In clinic we use computerised Rs Scan technology along with visual and video analysis to measure your dynamic movements and function.

Foot orthoses are a prescriptive treatment modality that modify or correct the biomechanical problem. There are many types of foot orthoses available, these range from simple heel raises, cushioning insoles through to a complex custom made device. These devices are prescribed to alleviate symptoms and/ or provide functional change in gait.

Gait, whether walking or running, is a collective of complex moves that the body has to perform hundreds or thousands of times a day. In order for good gait economy the timing of when the muscles and joints move is key. There are many factors that can change or influence this e.g. the ground surface, inclination of hill, soft or spongy footwear, metabolic diseases, joint arthritis, BMI (high or low), muscle strength, confidence etc. Clinically analysing gait can determine a possible cause to the symptoms and be a starting point in the management plan to getting back to pain free movement.

Many people present with undiagnosed problems or have already diagnosed conditions, some of the following may occur: Heel pain, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, ankle pain, arthritis of the foot, painful big toe, bunions, painful corns, metatarsalgia, arch pain, shin pain, knee pain, hip pain (the list is endless) For more information get in touch SO Podiatry is always happy to discuss any issues if you are not sure if you would benefit from coming along.

If you have been referred from another health care practitioner it's always useful to bring along a copy of medical notes or images that you have had done.

When you come and see Stephanie it is best to bring along a pair of shorts and a selection of footwear that you normally wear, including sports/walking footwear.

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At SO Podiatry our aim is to look after all your feet so they can look after you.

We diagnose and treat all foot disorders and deformities as well as providing general foot treatment and advice. We treat all problems on feet of all ages as well as all problems associated with a wide range of medical conditions. Perhaps you have a painful lesion or hard skin on your foot or maybe you have thickened nails that you cannot manage, general podiatry (chiropody) care will help give pain relief and allow you to walk pain free.

Common foot problems: ingrowing toenails, fungal infections, warts/verrucae, hard corns and callus etc are managed during one of these appointments.

General practice/chiropody treatment is usually a painless treatment and our team are warm and friendly and will hope to make you relaxed throughout. Our in-depth foot care and footwear advice will enable you to spring into stride.

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When an ingrown toenail has gone past all conservative management and continues to be a problem nail surgery is the next step.

Nail surgery is a treatment where the offending bit or bits of nail are permanently removed via the use of local anaesthetic (to make it pain free) and phenol ( killing the cells that make the offending nail growing back). It can also be performed on thick distorted, pinching toenails to remove them completely. A consultation will be able to determine the best medical and aesthetic result that you wish.

Ingrowing toenails are common and can be caused by poor toenail cutting, trauma- dropping something on it or someone standing on it or by tight fitting shoes. It is important that toenails are cut correctly to prevent them ingrowing. SO Podiatry can help you manage your toenails no matter what stage they are at. If you have an infection and the toe is swollen, hot, malodorous and weeping you will likely require some antibiotics. Please make an initial general practice appointment to have your toenail assessed and all information and leaflets will be discussed about the procedure before you make wish to go ahead.

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Swift is the pioneering new microwave therapy for verrucae. With treatment times in seconds, Swift provides Podiatrists with a new, precise and easy way of treating verrucae.

What is Swift?
Swift is a new technology, developed in the UK, which has been licenced for the general treatment of skin lesions in Podiatry and Dermatology. Swift uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue.

Does It Hurt ?
Like many treatments for skin lesions, some discomfort may be experienced. Before treatment your podiatrist may decide to remove some of the hard skin over the verruca . Pain levels vary from person to person but most people undergoing Swift liken it to a pain similar to an injection or a scratch, lasting 1 second then quickly subsiding.

After Treatment
In some cases the treated area may feel sore but will not prevent you undertaking normal daily activities.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
This is dependent on how you respond to treatment. You may need more than one treatment (these can be from 14 days to over a month apart depending on the response). Your Podiatrist will be able to discuss this with you. Up to 60-70% respond within 3 treatments according to the latest research

Who Can Receive This treatment?
With a few exceptions, most people with skin lesions would be able to have this treatment. Your Podiatrist or Dermatologist will carry out an assessment prior to treatment and be able to advise you on this.

Is It Safe ?
Aside from the kitchen appliance, microwaves are used in a number of everyday applications. Standard wifi uses microwaves, mobile phones, bluetooth, and cordless phones all use microwaves to send data over short distances. Furthermore, most satellite communications systems (including GPS navigation systems) are also based on the use of microwaves – we interact with microwaves in more ways than we know, every day.

verruca Worcester Hereford podiatrist podiatry

How Much does it cost ?
Course of up 3 treatments £350

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Verrucae can appear on the foot at any age and they can be very painful depending on where they are located.

They are sometimes confused with plantar corns. They can be present and last a few months to a few years, some can be present a lifetime.

Warts or verrucae are resistant virus’ that live in outer layers of the skin and can cause pain and discomfort. Unfortunately many traditional methods of verrucae treatment fail to resolve the lesion. You may have tried everything over the counter but still they have not disappeared.

Verrucae needling is a treatment deemed to stimulate the body’s immune response creating a local inflammatory reaction so the body can ‘reject’ the virus. Verrucae needling is a painless procedure carried out under local anaesthetic, the wart is ‘needled’ to stimulate the immune response. Minor bleeding will occur and a dressing is applied. A scab will form and you will attend 7 days after the procedure for a check-up. Resolution occurs from 12+ weeks after the procedure. This is a highly successful minor surgical procedure and is still not widely available.

Swift Microwave therapy is a highly successful treatment for Verrucae and warts. A probe contacts the lesion and the microwave energy travels into the skin, water molecules begin colliding ad creates a localised heat energy, quickly destroying all infected tissue to a predetermined depth. In seconds the treatment is complete. Swift is delivered as a package of up to 3 applications.

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Orthoses or orthotics are shoe inserts that create a biomechanical change in how we weight-bear and walk.

Orthotics are prescribed by the podiatrist to result in a change in load and pressure through your muscles and joints when you walk, run and stand. They range from simple pre-fabricated insoles to custom made bespoke orthotics. The materials they are made of depend on the prescription and the objection of their manufacture. The choice of devices depends on the result of the biomechanics examination.

We can make new custom orthotics for anyone who requires them, once a biomechanical examination has been performed. We like to use modern technology in our practice and are Certified Phits experts and Podfo partners and also use other orthotic manufacturing companies. We create the best orthotic for you based on your mechanical needs. Orthotics fit neatly in your footwear and if an ankle-foot orthotic is needed you will be advised on suitable footwear best suited.

It is recommended that you have a new biomechanical examination every 2 years when you wear orthoses, to ensure they are still appropriate and functioning they way the should. The human body changes over time and the needs of each client needs to be re-evualated too.

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Suitable for men and ladies, this is a complete overhaul of the feet.

Performed on the dry foot to ensure long lasting results the feet are transformed by surgical debridement of hard callus and dry skin; the nails are shaped, buffed and re-hydrated. All health education and recommendations are given at this appointment like in a general practice appointment. The skin of the feet and legs are exfoliated, hydrated and massaged with luxurious cream. An optional hydrating warm wax foot mask can be applied in exchange for the leg exfoliation and massage. For an additional fee you may request a Laqish (fungal resistant) nail polish application (chemical free and toenail friendly) this is like ‘gel nail polish’ and is UV set so you can pop your shoes or boots back on without worrying about spoiling the finish.

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