Nail Surgery

Permanent solution for ingrown toenails

When an ingrown toenail has gone past all conservative management and continues to be a problem nail surgery is the next step.

Nail surgery is a treatment where the offending bit or bits of nail are permanently removed via the use of local anaesthetic (to make it pain free) and phenol (which kills the cells that make the infected nail grow back). It can also be performed on thick distorted, pinching toenails to remove them completely. During your consultation with SO Podiatry we will be able to determine the best medical course of action, and how to get the aesthetic result that you wish.

Ingrowing toenails are common and can be caused by poor toenail cutting, trauma i.e. dropping something heavy on it, someone standing on it or even through wearing tight fitting shoes. It is important that toenails are cut correctly to prevent them ingrowing. SO Podiatry can help you manage your toenails no matter what stage they are at. If you have an infected toenail and it is swollen, hot, malodorous and weeping you will likely require some antibiotics.

“I can't thank SO Podiatry enough for giving me my confidence back. My toenails have been damaged for years, I've always hidden my feet and felt self conscious about them but Steph has made it possible for me to have them on show again and I'm so happy”
Miss C Parker

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Please make an initial general practice appointment with SO Podiatry to have your toenail assessed, we will then talk through the assessment and answer any questions you might have about your nail surgery procedure before we go ahead.

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Nail Surgery FAQs

How long does it take to recover after nail-surgery?
Straight after the surgery you will be able to walk, the local anaesthetic will wear off after 2-3 hours. It is advisable to rest, relatively, for the rest of that day. You may go back to normal activities the next day but best to avoid sport and swimming until your podiatrist advises you. Total healing normally takes 4-6 weeks. If there is an infection present it may take a week or two more.

Is nail-surgery pain free?
As the nail surgery procedure is carried out under Local Anaesthetic (LA) the procedure is totally pain free. The LA is the only thing that you will feel, but don’t worry it takes less than 20 seconds to administer this. Your podiatrist is well experienced in helping anxious patients so please let them know if you are concerned about needles.

Can I walk after ingrown toenail surgery?
Yes you can walk immediately after ingrown toenail surgery. Your toe will be numb and you are advised not to drive until the anaesthetic has worn off. It is best to rest most of the day after the procedure to avoid excessive bleeding, but it is ok to potter at home, but periodic rest with the foot elevated is advised for the rest of that day.

How long after toenail removal can I wear shoes?
On the day you have the procedure it is advisable to wear sandals or slippers due to the size of the bandage. You may wear your normal shoes 1-2 days later when you change the dressing to a smaller one. It is important to not wear tight shoes that may squash the toe during this time.