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How often do you think about the skin on your feet?

The skin on the soles of your feet is 5 times thicker than the rest of your body so it is important that you use the correct skincare regime to ensure that your skin stays hydrated.

We often only think about the skin on our feet when it becomes a problem and even then it takes a lot for us to apply a foot cream. Did you know there are no hairs on the soles of your feet; this means there are no sebaceous glands (oil-secreting glands) as these are found in hair follicles.

And did you know our feet have a much higher concentration of sweat glands than anywhere else on the body – on average 125,000 on each foot? The environment of the soles of our feet is therefore prone to surface fungal and bacterial infections.

Have you used a moisturising cream and thought that it’s not working? This is often the case, most notably when you have a fungal skin infection. fungal skin infections can look like dry flaky skin.
According to the dermatology society, 30 to 40% of people actually have an athlete’s foot/fungal skin infection and need to use an antifungal cream for 2 to 3 weeks prior to using a foot moisturising cream.

So if you’re finding that moisturising cream that you’re using isn’t making any difference perhaps you actually need to use an athlete’s foot cream instead. I will recommend an athlete’s foot cream that contains terbinafine hydrochloride which you can buy over the counter under the brand name Lamisil.

For dry skin

The best creams to use on your feet need to have a humectant.
A humectant in a skincare cream increases the skin’s hydration by attracting water from the environment to the skin. They also draw water from deep layers of the skin of the dermis bringing it to the outermost area of the skin which we also called the epidermis.

ZW Footcare Cream Worcester Podiatrist

One of life’s and nature’s best humectant is beeswax.

In Clinic we have a wonderful foot cream called FF cream by ZW Footcare; this smells amazing and is a luxury cream that is best applied to the soles of the foot and the tips of the toes in a circular motion. If you have excessive dry cracked heels with callus and hardness we highly recommend the Foot Mender cream. This is a treatment cream and the humectant in this is urea.


Footcare Cream Worcester Podiatrist

We all know how difficult it is to remember to do something every day so Foot Mender, being a treatment cream, is applied once a day for a week and then once a week after just to top up.

We see amazing results with the use of Foot Mender in Clinic; it is a top-selling for cream.



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