How to Prevent Fungal Toenails This Summer

Fungal nail infection can be a summer showstopper when our feet are more likely to be seen in public in more open footwear, I believe prevention is better than cure and your risks are higher in the summer due to increase exposure.

Summer and Fungus

Why is this a riskier time of year for you to pick up a fungal infection? Answer…swimming pool, hotel bathrooms and being barefooted in public areas! Think of fungus as mushroom – it requires warmth, moisture and low light to survive well. You are more likely to pick up the infection if you use public communal places and walk around these areas barefooted as the fungus survives on the hard surfaces you walk on. It is the same bug that causes Athlete’s foot!

Top 8 tips to help to reduce your risks of picking one up this summer!

  1. Don’t walk around barefooted around public pools and communal showers area. Wear your flip-flops, sliders or crocs.
  2. Wash your feet and dry them properly before wearing your socks/shoes again after activities so that your socks/shoes are not damp which will encourage the fungus to survive
  3. Wear more open shoes in the summer so that your feet can be aired and expose to light which the fungus hates.
  4. Give your toenails a break between uses of nail varnish, too many coats of varnish locks in moisture and the harmful chemicals in the varnish can penetrate the nails causing pitting and a surface onycomycosis (fungal infections) can colonise.
  5. Wear more breathable material socks and footwear so that your feet can breathe under them.
  6. Let your trainers and sports shoes ‘air’ after using- letting sweat to dry completely before you put them back on prevents fungus breeding.
  7. Wash your shoes/socks regularly at a min of 60 deg C if the shoes are washable and dry them thoroughly as sweat can accumulate in your shoes helping the fungus to breed
  8. Contact us on info@so-podiatry.co.uk if you require further help and remember, PREVENTION is better than cure!