Podiatry as a career choice

I get asked this question every day in clinic and I would say its probably  the number 1 question I hear. Why Podiatry? For anyone new to my website and want to know more about me I have included a link here to my YouTube video/ channel that explains this.

I really love being a podiatrist and I am always recommending it as a career choice to people. Some people I meet aren’t happy in their jobs and when I mention it to them as a second career choice- it pricks their interest. Its never too late to become a podiatrist I am a firm believer that life is too short to be doing a job you don’t love. There are 14 universities across the UK providing degree programs and soon there will be apprenticeship programs available as a way into the profession.

You can download some leaflets about Podiatry here to find out more about choosing podiatry

Often the people come to see me they have been suffering foot pain for some time and been to see various other health care professionals for help to no avail. Sadly podiatrists are often way down the list of who to see with foot pain- the public are not educated in a well rounded way to consider that podiatrist are to feet what dentists are to teeth, or what opticians are to eyes. My mission  in Worcestershire is to help people make the change in their thinking. Feet matter and prevent is better than cure.

The best part of being a podiatrist for me is the problem solving element. I enjoy forensically assessing the situation and the environment in which people present with foot complaints and presenting the findings and diagnosis in such a way that each person understands ad we can proceed to make a treatment plan to fixing the issue. I get the privilege of helping resolve and fix peoples foot pain multiple times a day- what’s not to love!? Perhaps a career in podiatry is for you too?

If you feel podiatry is a career you might be interested in, get in touch with me for a chat or if you want me to talk to your school friends at a careers day at your school your careers advisor can get in touch via the contact information at the bottom of this page.