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Appreciate Your Feet

I am often reminded about how important our feet are during #FootHealthMonth. I see lots of people on a daily basis with significant foot problems anything from corns on toes, ingrowing toenails to heel pain or knee pain. I am able to help everybody- foot pain is indiscriminate in who it affects: the 12 year old taking part in PE at school;  the 20’s something who are embarrassed of their verrucae and are afraid to wear sandals on holiday with their friends; right up to the 40 something taking part in their first ultra marathon; or the  the 70 year old who were always able to manage their own foot care but as they got older find it  more difficult.

Today I had wonderful feedback from a lady who has put up with foot pain for years and felt she was unable to see someone as she was embarrassed. I was able to help her and gave advice as well as physical treatment.  I got a lovely email later to say she was delighted and that for the first time she was able to walk her daughter to school pain free. Isn’t it amazing how seeing the right clinician can make, the simplest of things we take for granted, so much better and in some instances give people their freedom and activities back? If you are suffering foot pain- think Podiatrist! If you are self diagnosing your foot or leg pain on google- search for a #podiatrist

Here are a few thing #toptips for keeping your feet in tip top condition:

  1. Dry your feet well especially in between your toes, this is to avoid fungal infections and cracking and peeling of the skin
  2. Use a Urea based moisturiser on hard skin and cracked heels to avoid painful lesions and to avoid painful cracks appearing on the heel.
  3. Get your feet measured, So many of us don’t wear the correct sized footwear and can lead to corns and callus’ forming on the ends of toes and even causing ingrowing toenails
  4. Thin down thick toenails with a emery board or a diamond deb file to reduce the bulk
  5. In this sunny weather…..Apply sunscreen!